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Choosing a security company to protect your family should not be a decision that is made lightly. Henley Watch, a team of dedicated people who are actively doing something about the crime that affects our village. Henley Watch is situated close at hand in Henley on Klip. Because of our strength in the area, we have gained the admiration and trust of our members and are known to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

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What makes Henley Watch the Best!

When it comes to our Response Officers we spare no resources in fully equipping them with the skills and materials needed to carry out their day-to-day duties. These dedicated men face potential danger every time they are dispatched to a premises, a challenge they readily accept because of their commitment to our members.

Home Safety
  • Peace of mind 24 hours a day in the knowledge that you are part of an organisation committed to ensuring the safety and protection of all our members and thus preserving the unique Henley way of life.

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Henley Watch Number

Use of the Emergency Telephone Number 016 366 1111 for immediate response by radio patrols or for passing on urgent operation information, 24 hours a day.  Do not be put off by the recorded answer to your call. Your emergency message is being broadcast as you speak to all the personnel on duty.

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Know your neighbours
  • An armed professional security guard in a dedicated vehicle in Henley 24/7.

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If your property falls within Henley Watch area of operation you are eligible to subscribe to the Henley Watch Armed Response service.

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About Henley Watch

Henley Watch was founded in November 1990 by concerned residents in direct response to the escalating crime wave sweeping our country at the time.
After an initial meeting, Squadron Leader Peter Tunstall was elected chairman. Being a military man, he organised the Watch along those lines and under his leadership the organisation grew. To this day the members on duty have a precise, but courteous, manner on the radio.


The reason we called Henley Watch is because they are local. They did not waste any time from the first phone call we made to the installation process. We are so pleased with Henley Watch and recommend everyone to give them a call.


We have greatly appreciated the professionalism and service over our many years of being a Henley Watch member and the peace of mind we enjoy from being secured by a local security company.

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